Friday, March 2, 2012

{how old is your soul}

Jason Mraz is, well, wonderful. His songs are dripping with musical genius that dare i say, **change my life.

I can't get enough of this particular song....

I think I've listened to this song or watched the music video everyday for at least a month. Obsessive? maybe. Worth it? totally.

My boyfriend makes fun of the part when the gospel chorus comes in, but that particular section gives me goosebumps the size of mountains every time i hear it. Oh man, what I would give for such a crystal clear voice! I guess I'll continue to live vicariously through artists like Jason Mraz...

Ps. if you decided to skip watching the video and just read what I should seriously reconsider. I'm telling you--its

*if you haven't learned from previous posts on this blog or my other blog...i tend to sound like a bit of a drama queen. But let me tell you a secret: i mean every little word i write!